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Buying an electric guitar is of no use if you do not buy the right Amplifiers and Effects pedal to use with it.

There are a wide range of amplifiers and effects pedal available in the market. I will introduce you to some of the most affordable ones that you can jam at home as well as take all the way to your gigs.

Guitar Amplifiers

Take a look at some of the best Guitar Amplifiers that will give you a rich decent tone and sound output but at the same time won’t burn your pockets

Marshall MG10 Guitar Combo Amp(10 Watts, 1×6.5in) –
Marshall MS2 Mini Amp(1 Watt) –
Behringer AT108 UltraAcoustic Acoustic Amp(20 Watts, 8 in.) –
Fender Frontman II 15R Guitar Combo Amp(15 Watts, 1×8 in.) – .99
Roland Cube 15x Guitar Combo Amplifier(15 watts, 1×8 in.)

All of these Amps are from the pioneers in this field and are state of the art equipments that you can buy with both eyes shut. For e.g. Marshall MG10 Combo, I use this, which can take you from a rich bluesy tone to the meaty crunchy heavy metal tone in just a turn of the overdrive knob. This little beast also features a Contour knob to fine tune and adjusts the EQ. Not just that, a headphone socket is provided for private practice and you can also connect your MP3 or CD player to your MG10 and listen to your favorite music. All in one. Sounds great eh !

Similarly, each amp featured above has excellent features, sounds and tones. But I would recommend you go for a Marshall 10CD or 15 CD, anytime. They are one of the leaders in Guitar Amplifiers and Speakers. But remember others are also equally great.

Guitar Effects Pedals

Zoom G2.1U Guitar Effects Pedal

Guitar Effects is what brings the Dynamics in the sound and tone of your guitar. It brings life to  the sounds and tones of what you play and takes the listener to a surreal and imaginary world.It createsdifferent types and tones of sounds for different genres as needed. It basically processes and conditions the sound coming from your guitar.

Just like Guitar Amps, there are a huge variety of Guitar Effects Processors available in the market to choose. From Guitar Effects Pedal, to Acoustic Guitar Processors and Multi-Effects processors. So here we go,

Digitech RP250 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal –
Zoom G2 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal –
Zoom G1XN Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal –
Zoom G2.1u Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal – 9
Boss ME25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal – 9

These are some of the best and affordable Guitar Multi-Effects pedals that you can check out. I have only included a few, but you can find few more if you go to the store by clicking on the links.

I use a Zoom G2.1u, the 4th one listed above and also the image shown. From my experience it gives a crystal clear sparkling tone and the best buy I have every done on a processor. It is a modeling processor as well as a multi effects processor. Meaning, it can be both used for Live Performances as well as for studio and jamming sessions. Whatever the purpose might be, just plug it into your guitar and it will handle every situation with finesse. It has a 2 algorithms built into it. One for recording and the other for live performance. So the effects that you developed for the studio can be used directly on stage and the effects that you created at your practice sessions can be brought directly into the recording studio. No limits for the scope of it.

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