Boss dd-20 giga delay effects pedal

Posted by on 11th February 2011 in Boss Guitar Sound Effects

The list of play features for the product is quite staggering for such a neat package. 23 seconds of delay for example.

The main reason why I wanted to right review, is that I recently compared my boss dd-20 giga delay to a T-Rex Replica delay, which I had spent a weekend comparing the two. My dealer was asking a lot more for a used T rex compared to a brand new dd-20.

Anyway, save your cash and get the dd-20! It’s almost half the price and they are both digital, they both sound really awesome and, to my ears, I couldn´t discern any difference in sound or in tone quality.

The Boss has many more in built options and its tape, analog, and digital settings can be easily matched to the T-Rex.

The only advantage the replica has over the boss dd-20 is a volume knob to control the overall output. And thats it.

So finally, to sum up, if you´ve been hearing just how great the T-Rex was and still is, look here before purchasing. Have a look first at the new boss dd-20 digital effect pedal.

For reliability I am going to give it a 10 out of 10, never had any issues with it.

Ease of use-Read the manual. Its clearly explained how to use all the functions. You will find it hard without doing so. (Well at least I did)

Overall rating, I am going to give it a 10. If you’re an experienced player this unit can be really amazing and versatile.

For further information and a demo vid, click on the link below.

Music just got sweeter.


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