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Guitar Playing Lizzard

Posted by on 7th March 2015 in 1 Look for laughter

Guitar Playing Lizzard

This photo made public uproar because of doubtful authenticity. What do you say?

Real Bass Player.

Posted by on 6th August 2013 in 1 Look for laughter

bass player


Did I say something wrong?

That guy is a real bass player, isn’t he?


How do you answer this?

Posted by on 2nd July 2013 in 1 Look for laughter

Knockin on heaven's door

Which guitar player is better?

Posted by on 27th March 2013 in 1 Look for laughter

Can you play guitar the way the man to your right side does?



Baby + 40 years later.

Posted by on 24th March 2013 in 1 Look for laughter

You can tell how your baby style 40 years later by how he sleeps.

gc baby 40 years later

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