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History of Electric Guitar since 1800

Posted by on 25th January 2017 in 2002 Guitar Technical Matters

History of Electric Guitar2

History of Electric Guitar3

History of Electric Guitar4

History of Electric Guitar5

History of Electric Guitar6

Hear what Plato said about music.

Posted by on 18th April 2014 in 2002 Guitar Technical Matters

Hear what Plato said about music

Plato say about music

Boss PSA 220 AC adaptor story.

Posted by on 15th April 2014 in 2002 Guitar Technical Matters

What is so special with Boss PSA 220 AC adaptor ?

First of all I have been using it for the last 20 (twenty) years without any problem at all.

Here is the full specification:

Pri 220V – 50Hz 8 VA

Sek 9V – 200mA

T500mA T25/E ———— this one I do not know what is it all about?

Roland Corporation MADE IN JAPAN.

Well anyway, this magical minimax piece had served very well and contribute a lot to my guitar practice and one stage performance. I am very lucky to have two of this minimax piece. What I mean by minimax is it is mini in dimension with a maximum unbeliebeable  output. 20 years of service. Zero complain. Believe it.

My first complain on Boss PSA 220 AC adaptor.

I found out I have problem with this Boss PSA 220 AC adaptor Read the rest of this entry »

Guitar String Vibration

Posted by on 23rd November 2010 in 2002 Guitar Technical Matters

Have you observed guitar strings’ vibration when they are plucked? Plucking a guitar string while varying the pressure will produce different sounds. Why this happens?
Standing wave or stationary wave on guitar strings resulting from the interference between original waves their reflection. Wavelength of a standing wave can be observed from its node and knot. Standing waves have different amplitudes at each point. Maximum amplitude is called the node, while the zero amplitude or no deviation is called a knot.

Melde experiment showed that the load mass produces gravity or string tension. Tensioned strings are mathematically expressed as follows:
F = mg ……………………………………….. ………………….. 1)
with: F = tension strings (N)
m = mass of load (kg)
g = acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 m/s2
Wave frequency equal to the frequency source, whereas the rate is determined by the wave on the string tension and linear mass density of the strings. Mathematically the rate of wave on string expressed in the form of equation as follows:
v ^ 2 = F / μ ……………………………………. ……………………….. 2)
with: F = tension strings (N)
μ = mass per unit length strings (kg / m)
v = wave velocity in the string (m / s)

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guitar string vibration

Humming = Grounding

Posted by on 11th October 2010 in 2002 Guitar Technical Matters

Excessive buzzing and hissing noise from the loudspeaker can be so annoying that it might be causing discomfort and distraction during your guitar playing. This is due to “improper grounding” in the loudspeaker sound system. And in electrical and electronic circuits.

How do you fix this?

Prepare a tissue paper and Rust Remover spray, aka rust or Contact Cleaner . Spray rust remover liquid onto all of your guitar cable mono jacks bodies and tips. Let it for about 30 seconds. Wipe them clean with tissue paper. You want to put special attention to your jumper cables which connect your sound effect pedals. The must be clean one is… your power output jack adapter, which supply power to your sound effect pedals.The longer the chain of your sound effect pedals as well as the sound system then you should pay more attention to this Grounding factor.

Chassis and Signal Ground system can be optimized if the mainEarth Ground aka Grounding is also optimal. Grounding is a safety system devices that use electricity as a source of power, against power surges, lightning, etc.. The main purpose of the grounding is to create a low impedance path alias persistence was lower against the earth’s surface to electric waves and transient voltage. Lighting, electric current, circuit switching and electrostatic discharge are common causes of electrical surges or transient voltage. Effective grounding system would minimize these effects.

For the guitarist, sound system security electrical system is vital to note. Because it concerns his own safety and nearby peoples. Have you ever experience any electric shock caused by your electric guitar circuit ? You do not want to have it. Never.

By: Sandybali

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