Guitar Pedals Sound Effect Setting.

Posted by on 17th January 2012 in 1 GUITAR SOUND EFFECTS Review

How To Set Your Guitar Sound Effect Pedals ?

Every Guitar Sound Effect pedals have their own unique sound output characteristics so for the best final sound output you want to  use pedals of a same manufacturer. This is essential as we are going to have a long review about Guitar Sound Effect Pedals here. Here we go… :

  • We are going to look at a brief review of how each pedal works.
  • Popular tips to get the maximum sound output.
  • Setting examples.

This global information applies to all Guitar Sound Effect products so you want to perform your own fine tuning adjustments on your pedals and amp knobs to find the exact sound taste you are looking for. Individual pedals knob setting diagrams will be represented by clock numbers positions.  Averagely Guitar Sound Effect pedal knobs turning radius is between 7 to 5 o’clock as well as their gradual time delay or interval pitch i.e. 300 – 400 – 500 milliseconds and so on. Since every pedals have their own control levels then the guidance here is to be considered as a global reference.

NOTE: You want to start adjusting your individual pedal by putting the control knobs at 12 o’clock. Which is the factory preset volume and gain.

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