Humming = Grounding

Posted by on 11th October 2010 in 2002 Guitar Technical Matters

Excessive buzzing and hissing noise from the loudspeaker can be so annoying that it might be causing discomfort and distraction during your guitar playing. This is due to “improper grounding” in the loudspeaker sound system. And in electrical and electronic circuits.

How do you fix this?

Prepare a tissue paper and Rust Remover spray, aka rust or Contact Cleaner . Spray rust remover liquid onto all of your guitar cable mono jacks bodies and tips. Let it for about 30 seconds. Wipe them clean with tissue paper. You want to put special attention to your jumper cables which connect your sound effect pedals. The must be clean one is… your power output jack adapter, which supply power to your sound effect pedals.The longer the chain of your sound effect pedals as well as the sound system then you should pay more attention to this Grounding factor.

Chassis and Signal Ground system can be optimized if the mainEarth Ground aka Grounding is also optimal. Grounding is a safety system devices that use electricity as a source of power, against power surges, lightning, etc.. The main purpose of the grounding is to create a low impedance path alias persistence was lower against the earth’s surface to electric waves and transient voltage. Lighting, electric current, circuit switching and electrostatic discharge are common causes of electrical surges or transient voltage. Effective grounding system would minimize these effects.

For the guitarist, sound system security electrical system is vital to note. Because it concerns his own safety and nearby peoples. Have you ever experience any electric shock caused by your electric guitar circuit ? You do not want to have it. Never.

By: Sandybali

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